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Industrial Laundry

Industrial Laundry Machine - Harco Co LtdIndustrial laundries such as Healthcare Central Laundries or on-premise laundries for large hospitals, uniform rental companies and laundries for large hotels are critical to the daily business of the clients for such laundries. Any delay in delivering product to the client by the laundry can cause serious disruptions which affects the operations of the client.

At Harco Co Ltd. we provide solutions and equipment custom tailored to the requirements of the laundry to ensure minimal disruption and maximum production of the laundry.

Harco Co Ltd. supplies the leading lines of industrial laundry equipment available in North America. The equipment supplied covers all aspects of laundry from collection of soiled linen, sorting of the soiled linen into different wash categories, providing the appropriate equipment for washing and drying the volume of linen in the required time, and finishing equipment for ironing and folding the clean linen in preparation for delivery to the client.

Harco offers a complete range of washing solutions from the small capacity washers and dryers to high volume automated systems. These systems include automated open pocket flex systems consisting of washers, shuttle and dryers which are managed by a single operator. We also supply Batch Tunnel Washer systems for high volume production.

We have in-house design facilities which are offered from the design phase of a new laundry to re-fitting stage for existing laundries. This invaluable tool has enabled Harco to help many laundries plan the equipment layout and size the equipment to optimize space to production ratio and identify bottlenecks at the design stage. Utility requirements are provided to ensure peak efficiency of the equipment. The success of an installation is greatly enhanced when such assistance is utilized.

To ensure the equipment continues to provide the laundry with optimum production, Harco has one of the largest parts depot in Canada backed by some of the best service technicians available.

We at Harco are justifiably proud of having assisted numerous laundries design, install, commission and operate their equipment in all parts of Canada, from large population centres to remote locations. No location is too small or remote for us. We welcome the opportunity to work with existing and future laundries as partners in the successful operation of the laundry.