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Designing commercial laundry facility

Are you planning to create a laundry facility for your business? Or perhaps you’re hoping to upgrade your current one? At Harco, distributor of industrial and commercial washing and drying machines in Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga and throughout Eastern Canada, we know that designing a laundry space can be complex. To avoid making mistakes in the process, follow these three tips.

1. Select the right space

There are several factors you need to keep in mind when determining the location of the laundry room, especially if your building has multiple floors. The space has to be easy to access and convenient for users to move in and out of. For example, the laundry room for a restaurant should be on the same floor as the kitchen (and, ideally, close by) so as to maximize efficiency. And the laundry room for a hospital should have large doors to make it easier to wheel linen carts in and out.

2. Consider the technical elements

Creating a laundry room isn’t a simple matter of installing laundry machines. Before buying or renting the washers and dryers, you need to think of the power supply as well as the availability of hot and cold water. If you don’t have the proper setup, you won’t be able to install the desired number of machines. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have an adequate drainage system, and if your laundry room is located above the ground floor, you’ll need to verify that the foundation is strong enough to handle the weight of the washers and dryers.   

3. Form a detailed plan

You want your laundry facility to be functional, so it’s important to make a detailed plan for the installation before procuring new equipment. Evaluating the different possible configurations will allow you to maximize the space available. While sketching out your plans, think of your user’s needs. Will staff require a table for folding, an ironing machine or a laundry-folding machine? Moreover, so as to optimize efficiency, don’t place the washers too far from the dryers. For personally tailored design solutions, trust our experts!

When you’re ready to procure the equipment needed for your commercial or industrial laundry facility in Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga or Eastern Canada, turn to Harco. We have all the products you need and can offer you professional services to help turn your ideas into reality. Contact us today!


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