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Energenics provides innovative products to solve the toughest problems in the commercial laundry industry. Whether you’re struggling with lint and dust, need to resolve air flow issues, or want the most cutting-edge technology to battle bacteria, we have a solution for you. Perfect for the healthcare and hospitality industries, but customizable for all industries.

Energenics is one of the only commercial laundry suppliers who’s also kept up with the changes in technology, allowing us to offer cutting edge disinfection options, such as UV room and surface disinfection. Not only do our products kill 99.9% of dangerous viruses and bacteria, but the broad scope of our clientelle also makes us more affordable than compeitors who cater to hospitals alone.

Ambient lint and dust in your feeding, finishing, and folding stations puts your workers’ health at risk. Unclean HVAC systems and dirty dryer exhaust also put a strain on your HVAC system that both wastes energy and increases costs. Respect your workers and the environment without breaking the bank through Energenic’s custom solutions that have stood the test of time.



The UV-MAX is a rugged mobile surface disinfection unit that uses UV-C light energy to keep surfaces hygienically clean. Avoiding costly chemical usage, it provides consistent repeatable performance in a safe manner. Field experience proves that it saves the customer time, money, and provides peace of mind. The efficacy of your cleaning program and hygienic status of all surfaces throughout the laundry can be quickly verified with an ATP Meter. A hand held meter that gives results in 15 seconds.

One of the UV-MAX’s many uses is to keep linen transport vehicles hygienically clean. Customers using ATP testing verification report that a 53’ truck can be treated in about 10 minutes (once a day) and a 24’ truck in about 2-3 minutes (2-3 times a day). It can be used in a variety of other applications and high traffic areas. This includes but is not limited to clean rooms, soil sort areas, break rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Energenics is the only industrial laundry equipment manufacturer that is organically producing UV technology. The UV-MAX is low maintenance, plugs into a standard outlet, and the UV lamps are shatterproof. This environmentally responsible technology becomes the workhorse of your cleaning program. The UV-MAX can be used to disinfect surfaces in nearly any environment where dangerous microorganisms are a concern.

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Effective consistant disinfection of all surfaces eliminating the need for purchased chemicals.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) is a highly potent oxidizing agent and will bind to the cell membrane of a bacteria, fungus, or virus and destroy the membrane, thus killing the cell. Studies with HOCl have shown that it is highly effective against resistant strains of bacteria and viruses and has been shown to be 70-80 times more effective than bleach in cleaning and disinfection.

  • 100% consistent supply
  • Conforms to EPA List-N & List-D
  • No residue or rinsing
  • Disinfects to CDC and HIH standards
  • Limitless applications and uses
  • Long shelf life
  • Plug & play – easy set-up
  • 3rd-party validated
  • Adjustable pH and chemical strength
  • Exceeds HLAC and TRSA healthcare regulations
  • Cost savings vs purchased chemicals
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The AALF (Ambient Air Lint Filter)  “Lint Scrubber 8000, 6000 and the 3000 help solve the problem of lint and dust-laden air in laundries above the feeding, finishing and folding operations in the clean linen area. Also, the Lint Scrubbers remove the same in the soiled sorting area.

The Lint Scrubber 8000 has the largest lint and dust collection area coverage for any collection device in the market, the machine is a true lint scrubbing vacuum, pulling lint, dust, and contaminants from the air.

This problem-solving Lint Scrubber saves clean-up labor costs and vastly improves laundry air quality.

Removing airborne lint and dust results in cleaner rails for sling loading/unloading systems and facilitates smoother operation, less operator intervention and less cleaning labor.  Lint accumulating in the ceiling is reduced for a safer environment.  On the floor, they help keep lint and dust from accumulating on expensive linen handling equipment.  The Lint Scrubbers lessen the contamination of controls and mechanical components of the finishing equipment.  Laundries spend hours cleaning the lint off the equipment after shutdown.  Collect the lint first with the Lint Scrubber, and then eliminate the laborious cleanup.

Energenics, the lint collection market leader, has designed the Lint Scrubber Family with UL Class 508A controls to meet or exceed all electrical codes.  It has the largest lint collection area in the marketplace. It is assembled using a high strength non-corrosive aluminum alloy.  Weight is reduced by 27% from steel.  Lighter weight saves on install effort and costs while reducing shipping expenses.



       PLC controlled automatic blowdown based on backpressure resulting in optimum dryer performance with shortest dryer cecle times. Compressed air blowdown from 4000 CFM up to 40,000 CFM

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       PLC Air free duct mounted lint filters available in self-cleaning or manual cleaning option, 1,000 CFM up to 2,700 CFM. Prevents lint exhaust from damaging expensive air conditioning and heating equipment

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       PLC Air free wall mounted lint filters 2,000 CFM up to 10,000 CFM, one or multiple dryers. Prevents lint exhaust from damaging expensive air conditioning and heating equipment. Indoor/outdoor construction with UV protection

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       PLC Air free standard mount self-cleaning lint filters 2,000 CFM up to 7,000 CFM, one or multiple dryers. Prevents lint exhaust from damaging expensive air conditioning and heating equipment. Indoor/outdoor construction with UV protection

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Wall mounted automatic lint filter collector. Cost saving through long lasting maintenance-free design.  3,500 CFM up to 14,000 CFM. Meets EPA standards for particle emission to the air. 98% reduction in lint exhausted out

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The superior water spray lint collector.   8,000 CFM up to 40,000 CFM. Better filtration - AIRWASHER’s Integrated Target Spray uses no nozzles, creates a huge wall of water. Horizontal or vertical mounted tubeaxial fan

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The key component of this system is the Energenics pressure sensing control measuring system backpressure. Controlling backpressure allows equipment emitting exhaust to perform to the manufacturer’s airflow specification. The system airflow is continuously balanced as equipment cycles on and off at different intervals. When a booster fan is installed to assist airflow it needs to be adjusted quickly and automatically. Energenics monitors the changing backpressure utilizing the transducer based control and sends input to the inverter, which is preprogrammed by Energenics to change the booster fan speed therefore maintaining optimal air balance.

Energenics Automatic Air Flow Optimizer comprising of Pressure Sensing Control that adjust the booster fan speed based on changes in back pressure measured in inches of water column. The system utilizing a variable frequency drive maintains air flow to .2-.4 WC. The system must operate independently with no electrical interconnection from the sources of air flow.

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Designed to disinfect all popular laundry carts

  • Adjustable Cycle Times to Meet Production Needs
  • Processes 1-40 carts/hr.
  • Disinfects in 30 Seconds or Less with Hypochlorous Acid Generator Option (Quaternary chemicals are 2-10 minutes)
  • Optional Blower Aids Drying Process
  • Minimum Water Usage Standard (uses 1-3 gallons/cart)
  • High Volume Mechanical Wash Option (uses 9 gallons/cart)
  • Hypochlorous Acid Fogging for Maximum Coverage
  • Labor Saving
  • Ease of Use
  • Minimum Moving Parts
  • Large Access Doors
  • Designed for Long Life
  • Pultruded Fiberglass “I” Beam Base
  • Fiberglass Grid Floor
  • Foam Reinforced Double Sided Stainless Steel Shell
  • All Parts Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel
  • Load Cart into Washer, Push Start

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