folding clean linen in a healthcare setting

Keep Your Business Clean With The Best Soiled Linen Collection System

Do you run a business in the healthcare industry and need a convenient solution to help you manage soiled laundry? 

At Harco, we’ve been a leading laundry equipment retailer since 1961 and proudly offer high-quality products and unparalleled service across Eastern Canada.


Keep reading to discover the benefits of using our soiled linen collection system for your healthcare facility.


1.) Our collection program includes linen recycling

Our comprehensive service simplifies soiled linen management and ensures clean, safe and efficient delivery.


2.) Our program reduces your laundry operating costs

We collect soiled linen from your facility using leak-proof, recyclable plastic bags. The bags are made in Canada and fit our tubular steel bag carriers. The design improves linen control and reduces operational costs.


3.) Our collection bags meet strict government requirements

The bags we use for soiled linen collection are manufactured to our standards of excellence and strictly adhere to government requirements for soiled linen management in the healthcare industry. Combined with our heavy-duty steel bag carriers, they reduce the risk of cross-contamination and promote infection control.


4.) Our equipment is ergonomic

Our bag holders feature a foot pedal for hands-free operation, high-quality swivel wheels, a patented shock absorber for smooth lid closure and a designated space for filled bags, all to simplify your life.


5.) Our bags are customizable

We offer plastic bags in various colours to facilitate sorting soiled linen in your healthcare facility. You can select a pre-existing print or create a custom design that meets your needs.



If you want to improve the efficiency of your laundry service, Harco has several solutions to help you achieve your goals.Contact us to learn more about our ingenious and efficient soiled linen collection system and other useful products and services.