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Saving Never Smelled So Good

In the history of the ozone laundry business, there have been many failed attempts to produce reliable ozone laundry systems. ArtiClean is a division of a 40 year old laundry equipment business, with decades of experience in all sizes of laundries. ArtiClean has the knowledge of what it takes to operate a laundry and how to make them operate efficiently. This experience is one major difference that makes company stand out in the ozone laundry business. 

articlean system


EconOzone: A Clean and Environmentally Safe Commercial Laundry System

EconOzone, recognized as a global leading authority in ozone technology offers a turn-key ozone program that will elevate the way you do laundry and provide a proven return on your investment.

Our Ozone System is energy efficient, allowing for a significant reduction in energy, water, gas and chemical use in commercial laundry facilities. It will also improve the life and quality of linens through environmentally aware antimicrobial practices.


ozone laundry system


Professional Ozone Laundry System

articlean system

ArtiClean systems are designed around dissolving the ozone in the cold water supply headed to the washer
and then injecting the washer with a stream of cold, ozonated water. ArtiClean chooses this method because:
• On all ArtiClean models, the operator can readily identify the oxidation levels of the ozonated water going into the
washer, i.e. Our customers can easily and immediately confirm that the system is working properly.
• By pre-dissolving the ozone, we can maximize the amount of ozone applied during the wash cycle.
• Pre-dissolving minimizes off-gas concerns.
• Pre-dissolving allows kill rates up to 3 times that of ‘bubble’ systems.
• Pre-dissolving is the only ozone laundry technology approved for health care in certain states.
• Certain washing machine manufacturers void their warranty if ‘bubble’ systems are used.



ArtiClean AT Series for Large Institutional Laundries

articlean system

These systems are running some of the largest institutional laundries in the world. They start with high grade industrial oxygen concentrators, field proven ozone generators, stainless steel recirculating pumps, and an ozone resistant storage tank. All these systems come standard with an ozone DeGassing Chamber, our OLSC controls, and heated Ozone Destruct system. Standard piping assemblies are all a part of shortening the installation time-frame.

Only the finest Materials make up the ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems, making them truly the World's First Industrial Grade Tank-Style Ozone Laundry System. 

From stainless steel pump, modular construction for future expansion, advanced controls, superior ozone generators, Including advanced safety detection and ease of installation, ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems are build to last a generation. 

With reliability, performance, and results, we supply a system for any type of commercial and industrial laundry appliction.

Quelques signes qui indiquent une infestation de fourmis charpentières

  • Des colonies de fourmis que vous apercevez sur votre propriété tout au long de l’année

  • Des fourmis qui sortent des fentes sur les murs ou des joints de portes et de fenêtres

  • Des tunnels ou de la poussière de bois que vous trouvez sur votre propriété


Optional Systems to Make Your Laundry Process Better and Easier it's Ever Been

ArtiClean offers the option of a room monitoring device factory installed on your ozone system. These controls come in a variety of styles. Our entry level monitoring system can be built into the ozone generator and it has three colored LED lights to let the operators know the levels of ozone in the room. The system can also control the ozone generator output and sound an alarm should the levels become too high. Our other room monitoring systems work in the same manner, with a numeric display instead of the LED display.

These optional systems all have field replaceable sensors and areavailable on all models of ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems.


articlean system
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