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What to Look For When Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment

Do you want the latest equipment for your commercial laundry room? Whether you’re planning to open a commercial laundromat or refurbish an existing one, Harco has you covered. We’ve been helping our customers create efficient and ergonomic laundry rooms since 1961. 

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for new laundry appliances, whether you purchase or rent.

Machine size

Buying a washer or dryer that’s too big or small for your facility can cause all sorts of headaches. Commercial laundry machines are designed to perform their best when filled to capacity. Therefore, ensure you find a machine that’s sized to your space.

Installation requirements

Some machines require complex installation measures. Take this into account when designing your laundry room, as you may have to upgrade your electrical panel, for example. Moreover, consider the dimensions of each washer, dryer and ironer so you don’t overcrowd your laundry room.


Modern laundry equipment has numerous features and options. Study each function to determine which ones are most useful and which aren’t worth your time. This will ensure you don’t regret not choosing the right product or spending too much money on something you never use.



Find out what warranties are offered with your purchase or rental to avoid unpleasant surprises when a problem arises. Are parts and labour covered; if so, for how many years? What about expensive repairs, such as the engine? Finally, ask about any restrictions that could void the warranty.


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