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For over 30 years LAVATEC has grown as our reputation has spread. The reason is as simple as our approach to engineering: we design and build commercial laundry
equipment that’s intuitive to run and simple to maintain. The result delivers our customers dependable systems and machines engineered for higher returns throughout their long lifecycles. It’s the kind of dependability that stems from an insistence on using the best materials, expertly crafted and controlled with the type of technology that brings versatility, ease-of-use and diagnostic capabilities.


With LAVATEC’s LAVATRAC tunnel washers, you get the kind of engineering that delivers an exceptionally long-running sound investment. As the only manufacturer to offer both bottom and center transfer design, as well as single- and double-drum construction, LAVATEC has the ability to provide exactly what’s needed for your operation.

For very specific laundering needs, a LAVATRAC tunnel can handle up to 114 wash programs with an intuitive touch-screen interface. It’s the kind of intelligence that lets you monitor and control all inputs and levels of energy, water and chemicals for maximum efficiency. Each tunnel is custom built to the needs of each individual client. Working in partnership with the customer, chemical provider and engineering team, LAVATEC custom designs the tunnel waterflow to maximize the throughput and cleanliness of your LAVATRAC tunnel.

LAVATRAC bottom-transfer tunnels can be constructed to handle from 55- to 220-pound loads with six to 20 chambers. Center-transfer tunnels can handle from 77- to 132-pound loads with six to 20 chambers. These virtual tunnel lines, both bottom- and center-transfer tunnels, can be configured from four to seven chambers.

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