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close up row of washer/dryers in an apartment building laundry room

Do you own a multi-unit residential building, such as an apartment or condo complex? 

Are you considering upgrading or replacing your current laundry setup with a coin-laundry system? On-site laundry is a huge value-add for your property, because it makes your units more desirable for current and potential future tenants. Here are three factors to consider before taking the leap.


1.) Cost and revenue

Laundry facilities are a popular amenity for renters and adding one to your property can be a positive long-term investment. The number of washers and dryers should be balanced to the number of rental units in the building. Harco can discuss that balance and develop a plan to ensure you maximize the cash flow from the machines in the best laundry footprint available within the space.

Harco carries many energy-efficient coin laundry systems to help keep costs down and ensure you make a profit. For example, Maytag manufactures a PD coin-operated washing machine that allows you to charge different prices based on the cycle your tenant selects. This feature ensures you get an optimal return on investment from your machines.


2.) Space and location

The next step is determining where the coin-operated washers and dryers will be located in your building. For example, the laundry room should be near elevators, stairs or other main traffic areas. Additionally, placing the laundry room in a well-lit and adequately visible location helps promote resident safety and peace of mind.

The Harco team can visit your property and help you design a functional laundry room using our CAD system. We’ll generate a precise model of what your facility will look like once completed and provide realistic timelines and operating costs. We also provide professional installation, including delivery, rigging, bolt-down and grouting.


3.) Ongoing maintenance and management

Once your washers and dryers are in place, you can’t forget about ongoing maintenance and management. If your laundry room is poorly maintained and constantly has out-of-order equipment, you're less likely to see any profits.

Fortunately, Harco provides comprehensive after-sales support and service. We have one of North America's largest commercial and industrial parts departments to help you minimize downtime and keep your laundry equipment running smoothly.



If you’re thinking about adding coin-operated washers and dryers to your apartment building or condo, look no further than Harco. We carry brand-name equipment, including card reader laundry solutions. We also offer professional installation and maintenance services for customers throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. If you have any questions or need help with your equipment, contact us today.

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