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Maytag dryers in laundromat

When running a successful business, efficiency and productivity are paramount. In the bustling world of commercial enterprises, the importance of reliable equipment cannot be overstated. Among the essential appliances for any commercial establishment, a high-quality washer and dryer system is crucial in maintaining cleanliness and ensuring smooth operations.

At Harco, we take pride in being a trusted name in commercial washer/dryer solutions, thanks to our years of industry expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, laundromat, or any other commercial facility requiring powerful laundry equipment, Harco Co Ltd has covered you.


Although commercial laundry machines can provide several years of worry-free service, they do have a finite lifespan. Consider an upgrade if your current commercial washer/dryer shows signs of wear and tear.


Here are four telltale signs it’s time for an upgrade!


1. Electrical issues

Does the circuit breaker trip every time you use the washer/dryer? Do you experience frequent power fluctuations or surges? These are sure signs you need to replace your unit. Continuing to use a washer/dryer with electrical problems poses a major fire hazard. You also run the risk of damaging other electrical equipment within your facility. Replacing the malfunctioning appliance will keep your facility safe and prevent further damage.


2. Leaks

Never ignore a leaky washing equipment! Not only can leaks lead to water damage within your facility, but they can also contribute to mould growth, corrosion and damage to the machine itself. If your washing machine is having persistent leaks, it’s a clear indication that now is the time to invest in a new unit


3. Faulty control panel

If the control panel on your commercial setup is malfunctioning, displaying error codes or becoming unresponsive, it’s probably time for an upgrade. The control panel allows you to operate and control various settings and features. Consequently, if it's faulty, the machine may not function properly.

Investing in a new washer/dryer will ensure your machine works as intended.


4. Temperature issues

Does your dryer struggle to reach the desired temperature? Does the temperature fluctuate during cycles? If so, a new unit is likely in order. Inconsistent temperatures can result in inefficient cleaning and drying, longer cycle times and higher energy consumption. Investing in a new washer/dryer that provides accurate and consistent temperature control will improve your facility’s energy efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.


Fortunately, Harco has an impressive selection of commercial washer/dryer systems from leading brands like Maytag, Whirlpool, Domus and Miele. Our team also provides comprehensive after-sales support and service to ensure your unit continues to function at peak efficiency.


Commercial Washer and Dryer Solutions Across Canada

If you’re ready to invest in a new commercial washer/dryer setup, look no further than Harco. We carry brand-name equipment and have one of the largest parts departments in North America to help you minimize downtime and keep your laundry equipment running smoothly. We also offer professional installation and maintenance services for customers throughout the region. If you have any questions or need help with your equipment, contact us today.


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