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Mechanical Failures in Commercial Laundry Equipment

In the commercial laundry world, industrial-grade washers take a beating, and breakdowns can lead to dissatisfied customers and lost income. To keep your operation running smoothly, it’s important to understand the common issues that arise and the necessary commercial washer parts required for repairs.

a line of commercial washers in an apartment laundry room

A Guide to Common Breakdowns and Necessary Repairs

Here are some typical breakdowns and what you need to fix them.


  1. Motor failures. Motors are pivotal for commercial washers to operate, and breakdowns often occur due to overuse, overheating or bearing wear. Replacement bearings, motor brushes, and, in some cases, a new motor might be required for severe failures.

  2.  Pump malfunctions. Pumps are responsible for water circulation during washing and draining. They can become blocked by lint or foreign objects, leading to reduced performance or failure. To restore pump functionality, replacement pump motors, impellers, or a thorough cleaning to remove debris causing clogs may be necessary.

  3. Belt issues. Belts are prone to wear and tear, leading to stretching, fraying or snapping, especially when the machine handles heavy or unbalanced loads. Replacement belts are essential to restore smooth movement and prevent disruptions in the washing cycle.

  4. Drum and bearing issues. The constant rotation of the drum can cause wear on bearings, resulting in noisy operations or complete failure if not addressed promptly. To maintain smooth drum rotation and prevent further damage, replacement bearings and seals are essential.

  5. Control panel and electronic failures. Commercial washers are equipped with electronic control panels that can experience malfunctions, disrupting the machine’s overall operation. Replacement electronic components, such as control boards and sensors, may be necessary to restore proper functioning.

  6. Door and seal problems. Issues with doors and seals can lead to water leaks, affecting the overall efficiency of the washing process. To prevent leaks and ensure a tight seal during operation, it’ crucial to replace faulty door gaskets and hinges.


Act Quickly and Be Proactive

Addressing breakdowns promptly through regular maintenance and timely repairs can significantly extend the lifespan of your equipment. A few things you can do include:


  • Keeping your equipment clean by occasionally running a hot-water cycle through the machines. Add vinegar to clean filters, hoses, and drums.

  • Keeping your machines on level surfaces to prevent unbalanced loads.

  • Posting signage warning users of the dangers of overloading the machine and using too much detergent.


Commercial Washer Parts, Repair and Maintenance Services

At Harco, we have one of the largest commercial washer parts departments in Canada. Our massive facility houses thousands of laundry machine components for over 60 product lines. If we receive your order before 4 p.m. EST, we can ship your parts to you the same day. Contact us online today, call us at 905-890-1220 or email


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