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brand new laundry equipment in a bright and modern facility

Do you run a restaurant, sports centre, school or nursing home? Are you thinking about adding a laundry room to your property?

At Harco, we sell, rent and install a wide range of commercial laundry equipment for businesses and organizations across Eastern Canada.

Keep reading to discover 10 reasons you should install laundry equipment at your facility.


1. Save money

Maintaining a large quantity of clothing, linens or towels with an outside company rather than in-house is often more expensive in the long run than handling the job internally.


2. Preserve your laundry

Commercial laundry equipment gives a high-quality wash, minimizing fading, yellowing and distress on fabrics. Consequently, your textiles will last much longer.


3. Control your operations

You have complete control over how your soiled linens are washed. This prevents cross-contamination and ensures strict cleaning protocols are followed.


4. Increase washing speed

You don’t have to bring your laundry elsewhere. Since all the handling is done in-house, you increase your productivity.


5. Remain independent

You don’t have to rely on a laundry service to pick up your soiled linens and return them to you before you can reuse them. An on-site commercial laundry reduces wait times.


6. Wash on demand

Modern commercial equipment is quiet and efficient. It allows you to run wash cycles anytime without disturbing customers or staff.


7. Control your budget

You can easily keep track of your expenses and aren’t subject to external fluctuations.


8. Keep minimal backup supplies

On-site laundry equipment reduces the quantity of linens you need to keep in rotation, simplifying management and storage.


9. Respond to emergencies

You have the equipment you need to get clean, ready-to-use laundry at your fingertips.


10. Custom settings

Commercial equipment has many customizable options and programs to meet your specific needs.


Call Harco to Learn More!

Have you decided to add commercial laundry equipment to your facility? At Harco, we can help you every step of the way, from designing your laundry room to installing the appliances and even training your staff. Contact us today and request a free quote!

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