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Hotel linen

Do you need a new laundry room for your hotel in Toronto? Then turn to Harco, the leader in commercial laundry equipment in Eastern Canada. Count on us to design a highly functional laundry room and equip it with the best commercial-grade washing machines. Here are the four main advantages of working with us.


1. Superior design team and tools

At Harco, we work with architects and designers to create the optimal design for your commercial laundry room. We’re committed to respecting your vision and ensuring that the layout is functional in terms of access, equipment size and other key factors. Moreover, thanks to the high precision of our computer-aided design (CAD) system, we can show you what the finished laundry room will look like before the work is underway.


2. Comprehensive installation services

Harco handles every step in the installation of your laundry room. This includes delivering the equipment, installing it according to your preferences and safely connecting it. In addition, our qualified technicians are able to perform all the mechanical work involved in constructing a laundry room, including the coordination of electrical, venting, plumbing and gas connections.


3. Top-of-the-line equipment

Harco carries a wide range of high-performance, commercial-grade washers and dryers from major brands like Maytag, Unimac and Whirlpool, as well as Chicago commercial ironers and folding machines. Our experienced team can help you determine which washers and dryers are best suited to the needs of your hotel, whether it’s a high-performance or medium-performance model, a single-load or multi-load machine or something else.


4. Massive inventory of spare parts

Harco has one of the largest selections of spare parts for commercial laundry equipment in North America. If any problems arise, take advantage of our vast inventory of parts from more than 60 appliance brands, available for immediate purchase or delivery.


Count on Harco for your hotel’s laundry room

For your hotel to operate efficiently, your staff needs to have quality commercial washers and dryers to rely on. Trust our team of experts to design and install a laundry room that exceeds your expectations. Harco has been the leader in industrial laundry equipment for more than 60 years. Contact us for more information.


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