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Woman putting a coin in a laundry machine

If you’re building or upgrading a laundry room, whether it be for an apartment complex, campground, university residence or other type of structure, one thing you’ll need to consider is which form of payment you want your machines to accept. At Harco, we’re experts in commercial coin-operated and card-reader washers and dryers in Montreal and throughout Quebec and Ontario. In this article, we help you determine which type of machines are the right choice for your property.


Coin-operated laundry machines

Coin-operated washing and drying machines have long been the norm, which means that many people are familiar with how they work. Most individuals know that they need to bring along change when they go do their laundry. However, these types of machines may be seen as inconvenient by people who aren’t in the habit of carrying around pocket change.


Another advantage of coin-operated machines is that they carry a lower price tag. However, they offer less leeway when it comes to price adjustments, and you can’t monitor usage in the same way you can with card-operated machines. In addition, since they house money, theft and vandalism are possible risks (especially if your laundry room isn’t under surveillance).


Card-reader laundry machines

Card-reader washers and dryers are currently the less common option, as the technology remains fairly new. However, they’re just as simple to operate as coin-operated machines. And many people are uneasy about paying with a card, many others are only too glad to be able to dispense with using pocket change.


Another advantage to having card reader laundry machines on your property is that it’s simple to adjust the price and there are no restrictions on the amount you set it at. In addition, they provide you with precise usage data. Finally, if you have card-reader washers and dryers, you don’t need to empty money from the machines and count, roll and deposit the coins. In this same vein, there’s no risk of monetary losses resulting from cash theft.


Have you come to a decision about which of these two types of laundry machines is right for your property? Or do you want some more information before making a choice? At Harco, we offer coin-operated washers and dryers from Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen and card-reader laundry machines from Maytag. To receive a quote in Montreal, Toronto or elsewhere in Eastern Canada, or to learn more about our products and their warranties, reach out to us today.


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