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From stain removal to the benefits of wooden hangers, Harco is here to help you get through your laundry woes. Find out more about how we can help you manage your laundry business and more by contacting Harco today.


Stain Removal

Leave your difficult stains untreated to a professional Dry Cleaner. If you do spill (we all do), blot the area, but do not rub the area. Using a bleach or even club soda creates a new stain, sometimes setting a stain. Avoid heat on the dryer before removing a stain, as the heat will set the stain. The science of stain removal is knowing what the stain is.


Leather Care

A damp cloth can wipe away the odd surface spot on a leather garment. A full cleaning by a professional is needed to remove the heavier soils. Trust a good suede and leather cleaner. Most Dry Cleaners will send leather to a true expert.



Cool water temperatures and less tumbling in the washing machine are the key, or hand wash. Lay flat to dry, rather than on a hanger to maintain the shape.


Ironing Tips

Having a good steam iron is important, but so is the ironing board. Wash or replace the cover, as the fibres need air flow. Steam from the iron should flow through the cover. If ironing a delicate item, try covering with a piece of cotton to reduce damage. Nothing beats a good Dry Cleaners press.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpets require a good cleaning to remove dust, dirt and those little accidents. A good vacuum will keep carpet fresh on a weekly basis. A professional steam cleaner will spruce up wall to wall carpet and the area rugs are best left to the professionals to thoroughly clean. For a spill, blot with paper towels until dry, never rub.


The Benefits of Wooden Hangers

Wooden Hangers not only make your closet look great, but will help maintain the shape of your favourite clothes. Hang your garments with some space between to avoid wrinkles and always remove that plastic after cleaning, to allow fabric to breathe.


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