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ozone laundry

Although you may think using hot water, powerful detergents and fabric softeners is the only way to get your laundry clean and fresh, recent innovations have proven otherwise.

Many commercial launderers are now turning to ozone laundry systems to effectively clean and sanitize garments and textiles of all kinds. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ozone laundry machines.


1.) What is ozone laundry?

Ozone is a natural occurring oxidizing agent generated when lightning or electricity creates the Ozone particle of O3. The Ozone particle acts on fabrics by relaxing fabrics to release dirt and stains and reacts with the cell membranes of bacteria and virus to render them harmless.

When a laundry system converts to using ozone there is a significant reduction in hot water and less detergent along with improving by up to 30% the longevity of the fabrics being laundered.

Once dissolved in cold water, ozone quickly attracts and removes contaminants and then reverts to oxygen, replacing many of the chemicals normally used in traditional washing systems.

Ozone washing systems are often used in commercial settings that have high-volume washing needs, such as hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and correctional facilities.


2.) How do ozone laundry systems work?

The ozone in laundry systems must be generated using an ozone generator. First, air is compressed in a compressor. The compressed air then passes through an oxygen concentrator and into an ozone generator. Finally, the ozone is added to incoming cold water and mixed with venturi.


3.) Are ozone laundry machines safe?

Yes. Although ozone can cause respiratory problems if inhaled in large quantities, it can safely be made in the quantities needed for laundering. Plus, excess ozone is vented safely off and catalyzed back into oxygen. Moreover, many machines have a built-in fail-safe system, which sounds an alarm and stops operating if the ozone system fails to operate correctly.


 4.) What are the benefits?

Ozone is an excellent cleaning agent that effectively removes stains and odours without the use of heat or harsh chemicals. Consequently, installing one of these systems in your facility can help reduce your business’s operating costs and extend the life of your textiles and garments. Ozone also kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, mould, mildew and other contaminants, making it a great sanitizing solution.


5.) How is ozone laundry more environmentally friendly?

Ozone laundry doesn’t require hot water. It works better at lower temperatures due to its increased solubility, which means it consumes less energy. Ozone laundering doesn’t require the use of chemical cleaning agents. Therefore, it necessitates fewer rinse cycles to save water and doesn’t discharge contaminated wastewater into the environment.



Do you want to improve the efficiency of your commercial laundry service? Harco carries ArtiClean ozone laundry systems for commercial institutions of all sizes. Backed by over 40 years of experience in the laundry industry, ArtiClean systems are built to last a generation. Harco also offers a wide range of services to keep your laundry operation running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote!


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