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Product Spotlight: UniMac®’s On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Do you run a commercial business with demanding laundry needs? You need professional on-premises laundry equipment. As the world’s leading source of heavy-duty industrial laundry solutions, UniMac® products are designed to maximize throughput, minimize costs and deliver the best return on investment.

UniMac UY Series Softmount Washer Extractor

What’s The Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Equipment?

Domestic laundry equipment is designed for at-home use, while commercial equipment is intended for business settings. The main difference between the two is their capacity and durability. Commercial equipment is usually larger, more robust and designed to handle heavy usage, while domestic equipment is smaller and typically designed for occasional use.


UniMac®’s Remarkable Product Lineup

UniMac® on-premise laundry equipment includes a complete line of tough and versatile commercial machines, so you can find a solution that’s perfect for your on-site laundry requirements. Here’s an overview of some of their excellent products:


  • High-performance washer-extractors. Whether you run a small hotel or a large sports facility, UniMac®’s high-performance washer-extractors can meet your laundry needs. With 400 G-force spin speeds, 30 programmable water levels and fast-fill capabilities, you can streamline your laundry processes.

  • Medium-performance washer-extractors. With various 20- to 59-kilogram models to choose from, UniMac®’s mid-performance washer-extractors are built to run 24/7 and minimize drying time with 200 G-force spin speeds.

  • Cabinet hardmount washer-extractors. With capacities between nine and 45 kilograms, UniMac®’s cabinet hardmount washer-extractors are designed for the lower-volume needs of small to large on-premises laundry facilities. These units offer nine wash cycles and three water level settings.

  • Softmount washer-extractors. Ideal for second-floor installations where a poured foundation isn’t possible, UniMac®’s softmount washer-extractors offer a cost-effective solution to maximize throughput. With capacities between nine and 124 kilograms, these units are intuitive and easy to monitor.

  • Stacked washer-extractor/tumble dryers. UniMac’s® stacked washer-extractor/tumble dryers offer exceptional capacity while taking up a small footprint. With more wash capacity than other retail washers, these units are ideal for small hospitality properties.

  • Small chassis washers and dryers. UniMac® light commercial top load and front load washers and dryers are ideal for facilities that demand superior quality on a small scale or want to supplement their current lineup with smaller alternatives.


Unique Features

Many commercial UniMac® machines have the following user-friendly controls and advanced technologies to ensure high efficiency:


  • UniLinc Touch is the most intuitive control on the market and makes it almost impossible to select the wrong wash cycle.

  • OPTIspray minimizes the water required to rinse a load by 39 per cent and reduces cycle time.

  • OPTIdry helps businesses achieve the ideal level of dryness while preventing over-drying to save on utilities, labour and linen replacement.


Call Harco For UniMac® Commercial Laundry Equipment

Whether you need a heavy-duty laundry system for your hotel, spa, restaurant, or sports club, Harco has what you need. We carry a diverse range of UniMac® on-premise laundry equipment and our team offers professional installation, ongoing service and training for you and your employees. Contact us today at our locations in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.


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