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Products That Meet High-Demand Laundry Needs in The Hotel Industry

If you run a business that receives overnight guests, you need to be able to handle laundry in high volumes. Your options vary depending on whether you run a large, premium-brand hotel or a small boutique hotel. However, the one certainty is that you need to know the laundry equipment is up to the task. Here’s a rundown of products and services to consider for your hotel’s laundry needs.

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Linen Laundering

From bed and breakfasts to five-star hotels, wherever your business sits on the spectrum of hospitality services, you must ensure your linens and towels are both hygienic and visually attractive. When it comes to handling your laundry, you have two options:

  • Third-party service. You may outsource your linens to an off-site laundry service to free up your staff for other tasks. If you choose this option, you must ensure you have sufficient supplies to keep your rooms fully stocked to hold you over if the company experiences a delay in service.

  • In-house laundry facility. Although running an on-premises laundry facility requires more labour and potentially more staff, your hotel benefits from the added convenience and efficiency. With your own hotel laundry equipment, you have more control over the standard of cleaning, without the time lag associated with sending the linens out.

If you’re considering building an onsite laundry, consult with a design professional who can walk you through the laundry room design process.

Guest Laundry Services

Travellers see laundry services as a highly desirable amenity. Depending on your hotel’s service level, you may offer your guests one or all of the following options:

  • Self-serve laundry. If your hotel has a laundry room for guest use, you can set it up as a mini laundromat. By installing coin-operated or card-reader laundry solutions, you can generate added revenue for your business.

  • Dry cleaning service. You may outsource dry cleaning to a third party. If you choose to include dry cleaning as part of your in-house facility, be sure to get a system that’s sized to your operation while providing the quality results your guests expect.

  • Full laundry service. Like dry cleaning, you may go with a third-party service or keep the function in-house. Ensure your staff is trained in the nuances of washing clothing, which has different care needs than standard linens.

Whatever the level of laundry operations within your hotel, you need an equipment supplier like Harco with a full-service approach that includes design, installation and training.

Full-Service Laundry Solutions for Canadian Hotels

Harco provides energy-efficient, environmentally responsible hotel laundry equipment from industry leaders like Maytag, UniMac and Whirlpool. Our team is available to discuss your needs and suggest options for purchase or lease. We have offices in Mississauga, Montreal and Halifax and serve customers across Canada from Manitoba to Newfoundland. Contact us today to learn more.


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