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The Importance of Regular Maintenance to Prevent Dryer Hazards

If you run a commercial or industrial laundry operation or have a laundry room in your facility, you know to be watchful for overheating and lint buildup in the dryers. But did you know that maintenance is another critical component of dryer safety? Here’s how regular maintenance can help protect your operation from the hazards associated with clothes dryers.

a technician performing maintenance on a commercial dryer

What Are The Hazards?

To ensure reliable and efficient operation of your commercial dryer, you must use it properly and maintain it regularly. Without ongoing maintenance, your commercial dryers pose multiple hazards, including:

  • Fires. Although dryer fires are often caused by a full lint trap or oversized load, the ductwork is another common culprit. Despite manufacturer warnings, some installers use flammable plastic for dryer ventilation. Additionally, if your ductwork is made of flexible material, it can twist and capture lint.

  • Poor air quality. If your poorly installed or damaged dryer ventilation moves exhaust to some space inside your building rather than outdoors, it can cause mould growth and a buildup of pollutants like carbon monoxide.

  • Pest invasion. Failure to carry out regular maintenance can turn your clothes dryers and ductwork into inviting environments for unwanted company like rodents and insects.

  • Equipment damage. Failure to eliminate small issues like accumulated debris can cause excessive heat and moisture to build up within the dryer. The machine must then run a longer cycle to achieve fully dry clothing, which increases wear and tear and shortens the lifespan of your machine.

These issues don’t just cost your business money and time. They pose health and safety risks that put lives in danger and expose your business to potential litigation. A small investment in regular maintenance can mitigate these risks and keep everyone safe.

Good Maintenance Practices

You can ensure the ongoing performance of your laundry equipment by instituting maintenance policies and training staff to uphold them.

Washers And Dryers for Canadian Businesses

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